Rutland  High Heat Silicone Sealant

Rutland High Heat Silicone Sealant

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Product Description

When you need an all-purpose, powerful sealant, Rutland 600 degree F RTV high heat silicone sealant is the right choice for any project. Seal fireplace inserts, install ceramic tiles or apply heat shielding to your stove - no job is too big. Permanent, flexible silicone adheres to glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, wood, brick and stone.
  • Rutland 600??F RTV High Heat Silicone Sealant is a neutral-cure (no odor) ultra-performance
  • It remains flexible in temperatures up to 550??F continuous and 600??F intermittently.
  • Tack-free in minutes and fully cures in approximately 24 hours.
  • Meets or exceeds: Fed. Spec. TTS-001543C Class A, TTS-00230C Class A, ASTM C 920-86.
  • Ideal for anywhere a permanent elastic seal is needed both indoors or outdoors
  • Adheres to most materials


  • Brand Name: Rutland
  • Product Type: High Heat Silicone Sealant
  • Packaging Type: Tube
  • Container Size: 10.3 oz.
  • Color: Red
  • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product